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February 17th

Katherine Kear (National Demonstrator) - “The Little Green Orchard”

Competition - Opposites Attract/Flower of the Month

March 17th

Sue Davies (National Demonstrator) - “Weaving a Dream”

Competition - Top Table/Flower of the Month

April 21st

Margaret Walker - “Easter”

Competition - Culinary Delights/Flower of the Month

May 19th

Joan Southerton - “Thro’ the Garden Gate”

Competition - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary/Flower of the Month

June 16th

Carol Farmer - “Mix & Match”

Competition - Days of Wine and Roses/Flower of the Month

July 21st

Glenice Yates - “Grandma’s Day”

Competition - Summer Holiday/Flower of the Month

August 18th

Sharon Badger - “Just my Imagination”

Competition - Masquerade/Flower of the Month

September 15th

Laura Leong - “The Design Tree”

Competition - Ever Decreasing Circles/Flower of the Month

October 20th

Wendy Lawrence - “Floral Variations”

Competition - Trick or Treat/Flower of the Month

November 17th

Carola Wilson (National Demonstrator) - “From the Christmas Clutter”

Competition - Winter Wonderland/Flower of the Month

Sorry - there is no report available for this demonstration.

December 8th

AGM  (2.00pm Start)

Followed by a Christmas Buffet and Demonstration by Committee members Janet Corrigan,

Chris Harten, Carol Tooth and Lesley Vanezis.

Competition - Candlelight Glow/Flower of the Month

Programme of Demonstrations for 2011

Laura Leong

Laura Leong